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Lawson is not just an easy quick fix food stop. Our concept of convenience goes beyond satisfying our customers’ needs. We also provide ATM Service round the clock. Our customers can now visit any Lawson convenience store for transactions such as Cash Withdrawals, Check Balances, Pay Bills, Transfer funds and Prepaid Autoload. At Lawson, we just don’t provide you with great products, we also provide you with high reliability of our services.

Auto Load

Ran out of load? Need to make an urgent call or send an emergency text? Skip the hassle of no load! Visit any Lawson Convenience Store to automatically reload any amount of your desired prepaid credits to your preferred Network.

Money Transfer & Utilities Payment

Lawson provides convenience when you need to send money and pay utilities all at once. This service facility Lawson provides makes it easy and hassle free for our customers to send money and pay utilities.